Masterclasses and Clinics:

July till September, 2008 Summer Chamber Music Workshops. Any combination of two or more instrumentalists,including four hands piano, two pianos, and singers. please call Myriam at 703-426-4138 or email

A Masterclass by Myriam Avalos is a total fulfilling experience for students. They are guided with love, gentleness and firmness through the aspects of musical technique and expressiveness. She does patient detailed work, caring for a complete understanding of her teachings by the students. Her remarks translate intensiveness, enthusiasm and love for music. Knowledge of soloist related fields, such as chamber music, is of great support for her lessons. Students are inspired to continue working on what has been taught. A wonderful experience.
Lydia Hung Wong, Directora General Conservatorio Nacional de Musica

Myriam Avalos’s Master Class at the Virginia Music Teachers Association Fall Conference in 2001 was remarkable. Her intense enthusiasm and carefully chosen words brought about dramatic results. By suggesting to the student that she “paint with a brush on her wrist” she effectively conveyed a new understanding of exactly how to shape a phrase. Three years later students and teachers alike recall her vivid images.
Martha Smith, NCTM - Past Pressident Virginia Music Teachers Association; Past President Northern Virginia Music Teachers Associaiton.

A Masterclass by Myriam Avalos is truly a remarkable experience for the students. They are guided with respect, love, and gentleness. She has magical ears that seem to hear everything and then, is able to translate the technical and musical concepts into words which the student captures instantly. I enjoyed her work with my students tremendously and the young artists walked away with love and a smile of happiness.
Rosita Mang, NCTM - Past President Washington Music Associaiton, Panelist, Lecturer and Clinician

Myriam Avalos has conducted master classes and coached chamber groups for my studio. In each case, Ms. Avalos gave specific, efficacious comments that raised the playing level of my students. In only one session with my chamber group, she understood the group dynamics and personalities involved and made astute suggestions which created a beautiful sound. Her comments were always kindly and constructive.
Belinda Stevens, NCTM
Independent Piano Teacher

I think that your teaching is a wonderful blend of approaches including clarity, tranquillity and an unspoken respect for the passages that are yet not mastered by the pupil. I am forever grateful for having met such a skilled and talented teacher. From now on and for a long time to come my way of practising has changed.
Daniel Labb, pianist and composer
Skövde, Sweden

Previous Performances And Master Classes and Clinics

US Department-sponsored Master Classes in China, Hong Kong and Japan

October 2001: Master Class at the VMTA Convention

January 2002: Master Class at the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

April 2003: Master Class at the Loudon Music teachers Association

August 2004: Master Class at the Conservatorio nacional de Musica de Lima, Peru

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